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  lksz 5e76d5a0ba dcsw defaults to nochange, dcl fixed 3 days ago
  lksz c395c28e01 =Added Switch-DockerCompose 2 weeks ago
  lksz 33b4c5166b Better.... 2 weeks ago
  lksz 86fdee1acc a lot 2 weeks ago
  Gal @Varonis Lab 50d9aef264 =Fixed some errors in Setup-ScriptEnv 1 month ago
  Gal Szkolnik 1b3a16806a Merge branch 'master' of https://code.lksz.me/lksz/PowerShell_Scripts 1 month ago
  Gal Szkolnik 2ce7561fb7 =Generalize editor initialization 1 month ago
  Gal Szkolnik 624ca2cc8c =added option to stay around after pwsh 2 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 509e15f8ef Add support for preserving specific devices 2 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik fd9b8a968c Fix dps and Get-HAPath 2 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 0a2bb25700 Added better constrol over waiting for editor 2 months ago
  lksz 187eb22b99 Merge branch 'master' of https://code.lksz.me/lksz/PowerShell_Scripts 2 months ago
  lksz a8f55a151d =Fixed linux bug with latest edit-textfile change 2 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 1a05359193 =Fix SessionData Get bug when persistent storage doesn't exist yet 2 months ago
  itadmin d33131cd78 Support spaces in the editor path 2 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 649b01ce1c scoop package support for [SessionData] 2 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 6fb86bf855 =Bug fix in SessionData for Windows 2 months ago
  lksz 55f5acc0f2 =Modified SessionData to work on Linux 2 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 2d858a8a06 Add SessionData class to setup script 2 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 90bd351641 Bug fix for Get-DockerProcess 3 months ago
  lksz 8cbb2e2252 =Added comment to convertto-zip for clarity 3 months ago
  lksz b92f8fb9e8 updated README.md after renaming the setup script 3 months ago
  lksz b8e123d447 Fine tuned dps output 4 months ago
  lksz 6b8bd711af Edit-MyScript supports -TypeData editing 4 months ago
  lksz 84d533a210 format.ps1xml support + fixes 4 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik fefb5e2572 Added Get-EventLogSz (after pulling upstream) 4 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 2aa29de253 Updated HA package 4 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik b410ec839d Added Home-Assistant package. 4 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 60825c92c8 Updated MyPackage code 4 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 23e4c03c92 Added Set-ScreenRefreshRate function 4 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 1567ed3547 Add -UseBasicParsing to bypass warning in Windowsi 4 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik c38785cbf5 Edit-MyScript fix for Windows/PS5.1 4 months ago
  lksz 9f0d669b4c Ansible Output improvements 4 months ago
  lksz 92bd7ba69f Added haste module with New-Haste cmdlet 4 months ago
  lksz 877f9adb4e Introducing Where-Ask script 4 months ago
  lksz a64d3c83af Updated Ansible scripts 4 months ago
  lksz 7cb9f09c8c Ansible modifications 4 months ago
  lksz 35fe3a156f Fixed startup issues 5 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 5b8f0ca309 Merge branch 'master' of https://code.lksz.me/lksz/PowerShell_Scripts 5 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 171409437b Modified Setup process to be an opt-in, live type 5 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 22aa3ba435 Improve performance of Package identification 5 months ago
  lksz ac10608cc0 =Fixed oh-my-posh style verification for non Windows systems 5 months ago
  lksz 499a86baa6 Added #TotalTime# option to Show-Progress Status 5 months ago
  lksz 2f317c53f3 Formatting and agility 5 months ago
  lksz c9d13f5c4d package defintion improvements 5 months ago
  lksz 2b51f37cb7 Merge branch 'master' of https://code.lksz.me/lksz/PowerShell_Scripts 5 months ago
  lksz 870887a577 Progress improvements + Waiting with progress 5 months ago
  lksz b1f612828f Style update for Non-ANSI environments 5 months ago
  lksz@work b303fa0f88 Cleanup of basics to work in Win + fixes to bugs 5 months ago
  lksz b558edacd9 Merge branch 'master' of https://code.lksz.me/lksz/PowerShell_Scripts 5 months ago