56 Commits (master)

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  lksz@work f54e76bc5e Updated refresh's output and removed some code 1 month ago
  Gal Szkolnik 3dd1214a73 do not refresh if less than 3 hours passed 4 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik fa53beaada added update-all 7 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik c149dd9a52 Fixed export-ps 7 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 5611f2f7a5 profile: Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler MenuComplete 9 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 8510ca5648 Allow DeleteOnly for profile-reset 10 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 953fd30974 Added profile-reset alias 10 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik a39f74719d Add Stop-ProcessTres and fixed profile-setup 10 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik 830c4039ba add grep and sudo to installation 10 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik a7b1cbc60b Added grep scoop alias 10 months ago
  Gal Szkolnik b2f04b293d Fixed profile-setup alias 1 year ago
  Gal Szkolnik 44cdea46fb fixed: UpdateSzcoomAliases missing 1 year ago
  Gal Szkolnik 28ebcca6c5 code cleanup 1 year ago
  Gal Szkolnik 95975d4e48 Alias Update overhaul 1 year ago
  Gal Szkolnik c2be9b39a5 Typo, need to use " instead of ' in alias:update 1 year ago
  Gal Szkolnik b93a2b43da Cleanup after scoop-completion updated to v0.2.3 1 year ago
  Lockszmith 2a6b0c28a1 Fixed typo in setupprofile 1 year ago
  lksz 415e00048b Made sure dash aliases are still around, also aliased without dash 1 year ago
  lksz 9457db10d7 Fixed a bug (used single qutoe instead of double) 1 year ago
  Gal Szkolnik b1beeffc66 improve scoopalias, drop the dash from aliases 1 year ago
  Gal Szkolnik a5b6f000a7 Add getprofiles and chagned setup-profile to match 1 year ago
  Gal Szkolnik 49bfc94cd5 fix notes support 1 year ago
  Gal Szkolnik 9387040aab export-ps would miss updates 1 year ago
  lksz 1c481d5b3c Fixed a bug in previous commit 1 year ago
  lksz 09864da547 Moved profile setup code into a scoop alias 1 year ago
  lksz 3f0517f134 Add Install-PowerShellCore for ease 1 year ago
  lksz 5bc20aad9c Added comments for alternative retrieval and TLS limitations 1 year ago
  lksz 4db784ded2 Improved profile creation 1 year ago
  lksz fdda5e7434 Even cleaner copy-paste text 1 year ago
  lksz 2a36c64030 Easier copy-paste code 1 year ago
  lksz 9520c0bb96 Fix: removed debugging 'return' point 1 year ago
  lksz ffc0ec08dd Changed the script into a self-destructing function 1 year ago
  lksz d8fe3b1a80 Changed scoop-completion from liuzijing to moeologist 1 year ago
  lksz fcb39f3757 🐛 fixed profile updating code. 1 year ago
  lksz 3107e56b26 ♻ changed order of alias settings, to make it easy to 'surgically' copy-paste from web and execute 1 year ago
  lksz c111e4797a Updated refresh to show Scope (based on export-ps output) 1 year ago
  lksz 17fa04d08f Fixed export-ps, status is now read from scoop status 1 year ago
  lksz 2a286535dd fixed bug in export-ps-ex 1 year ago
  lksz 63d97942e1 fixed bug in export-ps-ex 1 year ago
  lksz 69425a0526 Added export-ps-ex sorted output 1 year ago
  lksz 72bd385075 Changed the order of export-ps columns 1 year ago
  lksz 1a93f61340 added description output to alias-update 1 year ago
  lksz 8ddba5e5f7 Fixed bug in alias-update splitting logic 1 year ago
  lksz 4a4533b7b1 Added an auto-update-aliases alias: alias-update 1 year ago
  lksz 710b45f848 add ALIAS section markers 1 year ago
  lksz 52dddbc671 Update alias setup 1 year ago
  lksz b3d4692219 lksz.me/szcoop URL + fix to profile update code 1 year ago
  lksz aeb1bdc4ae Cleaned up profile setup 1 year ago
  lksz 2f97413fe3 modified refresh alias 1 year ago
  lksz ab552161fd Updates export-ps 1 year ago