Script directory for a PowerShell profile.
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PowerShell Scripts

These are the scripts that go into $MyPSScriptRoot which is part of my $env:PATH.

The development of these is documented in my blog:

They are provided ‘as is’ for your review and for your reuse.

This is the way

Below are instrucitons for initializing/setting up this envrionment:

iwr | iex
_Init # [-WriteInitScript] [-sudo] [-Force] [-NoGitClone] [-GitURL <alternative git URL>] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]

This sets up the $PROFILE file, and initilizes the default dir $MyPSScriptRoot with a git clone of this repo. The actually points to the Setup-ScriptEnv.ps1 script, which means, that after you have the Scripts directory setup, you can call Setup-ScriptEnv -WriteInitScript to update the $PROFILE after the setup script has been modified (or updated via git pull).