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chezmoi dotfiles repo

Quickest init + apply

  1. Make sure curl is installed
# Bash/Sh/Zsh
. <(curl -fsLS lksz.me/dotfiles.sh)

# PowerShell
. <(curl -fsLS lksz.me/dotfiles.ps1)

Quick install

Initialize chezmoi and apply:

using GitHub HTTPS shorthand

sh -c "$(curl -fsLS chezmoi.io/get)" -- init --apply Lockszmith                            

using GitHub over SSH

  1. Make sure the SSH-Key are setup in SSH and GPG Keys (add)
sh -c "$(curl -fsLS chezmoi.io/get)" -- init --apply git@github.com:Lockszmith/dotfiles.git


Run the sz-doctor.sh shell script, it should be installed into the ~/bin dir by chezmoi, if chezmoi fialed, you can still download it directly from the web buy running:

> curl -fsLS lksz.me/sz-doctor.sh | bash